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Sr No Title Departments Action
Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority Right to Information Act 2005, Administration and Establishment Department Information Administration Download
सर्वंकष वाहतूक आराखडा Engineering Download
आकाशचिन्ह उभारणीबाबत परवाना मागणी Administration Download
Presentation on Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for Pune Municipal Corporation and Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in Pune Metropolitan Region Engineering Download
नागरिकांची सनद Administration Download
Updated Empanelment of Consultants Engineering Download
पीएमआरडीएच्या ११० मीटर रिंगरोडसाठी खासगी क्षेत्रातील खासगी जमीन वाटाघाटीद्वारे थेट खरेदीने जमीन ताब्यात घेण्यासाठी जमिनीचा तपशील पुढीलप्रमाणे Lands & Estate Download
Supply of Petrol Driven Chain saw for fire stations at Nanded City, and Life Republic Township Each One (Total – 02 Nos.) Fire Download
To organize workshop for "Prevention , Control, Demolition of Illegal construction and Pradhanmantri Aawas Yojana" Lands & Estate Download
Quotation Notice for Preparation of Policy Document for Fixed Deposits. Administration Download
Quotation Notice for reprinting of PMRDA Booklet. Administration Download
Identification of slum pockets in PMR regions and submitting Inventory of slums Administration Download
Inviting Quotations to organize workshop for Architects in PMR on "Online Building Permission Approval System" Building Permission Download
Fixing banners at various locations in villages / अनधिकृत बांधकाम माहितीफलक वाहतूक करून जागेवर बसविणेबाबत कामाचे दरपत्रक सादर करणे Illegal Construction Download
E-Auction Plot Lat/Lon information for to search Land Location on google Map/google Earth / ई-लिलाव भूखंडांची गुगल मॅप / गूगल अर्थ वर जमिनीची जागा शोधण्यासाठीचे अक्षांश आणि रेखांश खालील प्रमाणे Lands & Estate Download
ई लिलाव पद्धतीने लीजद्वारे वाटपास प्रस्तावित सुविधा भूखंडांची माहिती Lands & Estate Download
Requesting quotations for installing CCTV cameras in Aundh Office. Engineering Download
आकाशचिन्ह ऊभारणीबाबत परवाना मागणी अर्ज Administration Download
Right to Information (RTI) form Administration Download
PMRDA Ring Road Map Engineering Download
PMRDA Region Map Planning Download
Government Orders for Fire Approvals in PMRDA Region Fire Download
Government Orders for Fire Approvals in PMRDA Region (Marathi). Fire Download
Inviting quotations to organize awareness program. Building Permission Download
Inviting suggestions for PMRDA Development Control & Promotion Regulations (DCPR). Planning Download
Inviting quotations for the design of booklet to be publisded on PMRDA third anniversary. Administration Download
Inviting quotations for the printing of booklet to be publisded on PMRDA third anniversary. Administration Download
Development of New Challan System Creation for PMRDA. Building Permission Download
प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना नागरीकांसाठी नमुना अर्ज Land & Estate Download
PMAY - Project Info from Developers Land & Estate Download
PMAY Information Land & Estate Download
शासन निर्णय 7 Oct 2017 Government Resolution (GR) Download
जाहीर प्रकटन व अर्जाचा नमूना Illegal Download
Affidavit Fire Download
Application for Provisional Fire NOC Fire Download
Application for Final Fire NOC Fire Download
Application Format for Fire NOC Fire Download
BDP Notification Government Resolution (GR) Download
Building Scrutiny and Layout Planning Download
Checklist - Provisional & Final NOC PMRDA Fire Download
DCPR for Regional Plan Area-Notification Government Resolution (GR) Download
DPDC Act 1998 Planning Download
Format of Affidavit Building Permission Download
Format for other contents Building Permission Download
List of Documents for Development Permission Building Permission Download
Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966 Planning Download
MPC Act 1999 Planning Download
MRAndTP Act 1966 Planning Download
MRAndTP Act 1966 Planning Download
नमुना 'क' Administration Download
नमुना घ झोन दाखला व भाग नकाशा मागणी Administration Download
नमुना 'ग' Administration Download
नमुना ‘घ’ Administration Download
Notification Gazette Download
NOTIFICATION1 Government Resolution (GR) Download
NOTIFICATION2 Government Resolution (GR) Download
PMRDA Khajagi Dhoran Administration - Download
PMRDA Coregendum Designation Change Government Resolution (GR) Download
PMRDA Notification Government Resolution (GR) Download
R R Notification Gazette Download
Right to information Administration Download
Site Visit Certificate V1 Building Permission Download