Government of Maharashtra Satyameva Jayate

Future Plan :

With an aim to turn Pune Metropolitan Region into a world-class economic growth engine for the country, a comprehensive plan is being put in place. This meticulous planning shall ensure that the focus is solely on the Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) and a dedicated focus is established to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The next step of action include-

  • Preparing a long-term Economic Development Plan
  • Enabling inter-agency coordination between various local governments for meeting the urbanisation goals set for PMR
  • Developing governance tools to achieve the highest ease of doing business with the use of information technology for proactive disclosure in public domain
  • Identifying and promoting economic drivers in sectors such as Manufacturing, Services, Tourism, Housing & other emerging sectors.
  • Setting up a smart organization for optimally delivering services to the citizens of PMR
  • Establishing a Virtual Office and robust digital interphase
  • Preparing a Cultural Heritage Development Plan

In order to achieve the objective of highest ease of doing business in the PMR area, several design tools shall be deployed such as Preparation of Existing Land Use Plan, Micro-Mapping of the region, Geo-Referencing of all the land parcels as well as Terrain & Soil Strata Mapping. Also, to facilitate business ease, a hassle free access to all necessary government offices shall be established.