Government of Maharashtra Satyameva Jayate

Objectives :

Shaping a better tomorrow:

The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority is established with the prime purpose of building a future with sustainable growth potential and unlimited economic opportunities.

To realize this futuristic aim, the following objectives have been defined for every function of PMRDA -

  • To create a Premium International Investment Destination that surpasses any and every global opportunity
  • To identify emerging sectors of the economy for sustainable economic growth for next 50 to 1000 years
  • Spatial Planning to secure Highest Liveability Index for the citizens of PMR
  • To create a Market Based Economy with a new governance model and establish PMR as a growth engine for the country and the world
  • To reinforce culture and heritage in the ecological and social strata of PMR

Premium International Investment Destination:

One of the main aims of PMRDA would be to build and create the Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) as the most preferred and attractive destination for investment by multinational organizations or other foreign agencies. Also, the Authority aims to further enhance Local Private Investment in the region.

A separate division has been established for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as part of the Comprehensive Development Plan.

This would in turn create numerous business opportunities for people in the region and also enhance the potential of wealth, thereby making people & the region more prosperous.

PMRDA is committed to providing a conducive business environment and transparent governance in order to place the Pune region on top of the foreign investor’s list.

  • Providing conducive business environment
  • Creating multitude of business opportunities
  • Establishing transparent governance with virtual office
  • Attracting Foreign Direct Investment
  • Making way for Local Private Investment
  • Increasing the potential of wealth creation

Futuristic Approach Towards Urban Planning:

PMRDA would deploy planning tools, ensure stakeholder commitment and enable collaboration between different sectors to ensure sustainable urban solutions. This would be the approach to meet the needs of the Metropolitan region with respect to social, environmental and economic aspects. Development of new areas as well as for existing developed areas is expected to benefit significantly from this approach.

The most noteworthy aspect of Urban Planning would be sustainability which would focus on Infrastructure and Greenfield development. This would meet the needs of the presently developed areas and areas under development. This would also ensure that the ability of future generations, who would inhabit the newly developed areas in the Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR), to meet their changed or enhanced needs would not be compromised.

The futuristic approach towards urban planning would improve the Standard of Living substantially and subsequently increase the live ability Index of the region.

Investors would also be able to establish and carry out their business activities with minimum hurdles, bureaucratic or otherwise.

  • Ease of doing business with minimum hurdles
  • Fast approval of proposals
  • Greenfield area development
  • Improvement of ecosystem and environment
  • Infrastructure development
  • Use of least energy intensity per capita
  • High Liveability & Improved Standard of Living
  • Walk to work environment

Economically-Balanced Growth:

Multiple avenues for earning livelihood would be available to people as a result of spur in economic activity in the region.

We are planning to enhance the land liquidity through innovative mechanisms and pave a way for land monetization. The Real Estate Sector shall get a boost since implementation of projects would be made easier, smoother and faster.

The futuristic approach towards Urban Planning shall ensure that the region becomes much more energy efficient. Preservation of ecosystem and enhancement of prosperity of people in the PMR region will also be ensured with organized urban planning efforts. All these efforts would help the Metropolitan Region become and remain economically balanced.

  • Boosting economic activity thereby generating employment
  • Bringing down per capita energy intensity to its lowest
  • Ensuring hassle free implementation of real estate projects at an expedited rate

Environment Improvement & Sustainability:

This objective of PMRDA ensures, the sustainability in terms of economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects is duly addressed so that the inhabitants enjoy a high quality of life overall. There would continue to be enough resources for all, across generations, since existing land would be better used as a result of better planning. Scarce resources such as water would be recycled and its wastage shall be minimized. State-of-the-Art Virtual Offices would be initiated and usage of Public Transport would be encouraged to take care of emissions, curtail pollution and manage traffic.

PMRDA strongly aspires to restore and further build on the Culture and Heritage of the Metropolitan Region, which has sustained across generations from the earlier times. The underlying benefit of this objective would be that greater avenues shall open up to people to earn their livelihood thereby enhancing prosperity.

  • Helping people earn their livelihood
  • Preparing Existing Land Use Plan (ELU)
  • Minimizing wastage and recycling of resources such as water
  • Improving the ecosystem
  • Building State-of-the-Art Virtual office
  • Promoting a culture of increased usage of public transport
  • Using Land for improvement of culture and heritage