Government of Maharashtra Satyameva Jayate

Background :

Pune which is also known as oxford of the east has always provided able and the best human resources to businesses and companies around the world. As a result of this Pune has come to be known one of the most advanced and industrialized cities of India.

The area including the cities of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, the tehsils of Maval, Mulshi, Haveli and some parts of the talukas of Bhor, Daund, Shirur, Khed, Purandar and Velhe are covered under the Pune Metropolitan Region, which is one the of largest Metropolitan Region in the country. The Government of Maharashtra established PMRDA to carefully plan the development of Pune, the Industrial City of Pimpri-Chinchwad and the surrounding area of 7,357 On the 31st of March 2015 the Urban Development department of Maharashtra established PMRDA as an independent Autonomous body. Some major objectives of PMRDA are long term planning, enforcing the development plans, providing for roads, water supply, Sanitation, Metro Railways, necessary infrastructure and also stimulating economic development in the region. PMRDA is a body with constitutional rights responsible for the planned development of the metropolitan region.

Due to the industrial development the region has become an attractive spot for the flow of foreign investments. Due to the emerging new markets, expansion of businesses and better opportunity for growth many multi-national corporations are being attracted to this metropolitan region. Abundance of necessary natural resources, good climate, culture and proximity to the economic capital of the country Mumbai have proven to be a blessing for this region which is very important for new businesses to grow and for expansion of the old ones.

PMRDA works with an able leadership and under the guidance of Hon. Chief Minister who is also the President of this body. Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority is working towards the goal to make this region an attractive investment centre of international importance.

Composition :

Area: 7,256.46 Sq Km
Population: 72.76 Lakhs (Approx)
Number of Municipal Corporations: 2
Number of Cantonment Boards: 3
Number of Municipal Councils: 7
Number of Villages: 842
Number of Census Towns: 13

Pune Metropolitan Region :